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How do I solve "Lock obtain timed out: SimpleFSLock@/.../indexstore/write.lock" at repository startup?

[ This article applies from Daisy version 2.0 to version undetermined ]

If you get this error when starting up the repository server, there are two possible situations:

  1. Daisy is already/still running (though in that case you'll likely get errors about ports being in use before you see this one)
  2. Daisy didn't shut down cleanly the last time it was stopped

In the second case, you can safely delete the write.lock file.

Note that when the repository server was not properly shut down, there might have been index updates which have not been flushed to disk, and hence the index might be incomplete. In case of doubt, you might want to regenerate the fulltext index.

Important for Windows users:

If you are using the Windows service integration with Daisy 2.0, the repository shutdown will almost always fail when shutting down the computer. The solution can be found in DSY-457.