Only some small changes and bug fixes in this release:

  • Updates to Dutch, German and Russian translations.
  • Enable JMX for ActiveMQ, ActiveMQ's MBeans are browseable via Daisy's JMX console (HTTP on port 9264).
  • Updated MX4J to version 3.0.1
  • daisy-wikidata-init: allow to specify empty directory for wikidata dir location.
  • daisy-wikidata-init: make the program also usable for the development setup, which is needed in order to create the registrar user.
  • Fix a problem that could under some circumstances prevent the repository server from shutting down.
  • When no branch & lang are specified in a link in a static selection list, they should adjust to those of the document, however that was not properly implemented in the SelectionListAdapator.
  • daisy-wiki-init: Removed the message 'If you enter the sites directory location...' since the directory is not prompted for anymore. Removed the XML listing of the site definition, not much useful anymore since the app insists on writing it somewhere anyway.
  • Added the java.awt.headless parameter to the wiki startup script.
  • Navigation: having two (or more) document nodes for the same document (with the default node id) but with different branch or language didn't work (DSY-307).
  • Resolve excessive logging in cocoon.log about missing resource bundle files.
  • daisy-repository-init: improved database version check, so that it is checked that the selected MySQL option (4.1 versus 5.0) corresponds with the installed MySQL version.
  • Custom publisher requests: version setting of child document-publisher requests was not correctly reset.
  • Windows .bat files now have correct DOS-style line-endings.
  • Query language: fixed non-working "is not null" operator.
  • Full text index: avoid "too many files error" by correctly closing Lucene's index reader. Also improved Lucene usage by only recreating the IndexReader when required.
  • Fixed non-working footnote links.
  • In case read access is denied to a document, the error page contains a link to the login screen (this worked before, but an error slipped in).
  • Log in page: automatically put focus on the login field, to avoid an extra mouse click.
  • Document, part, field type definition: it was impossible to remove the localized labels once added.
  • Navigation: if building an imported navigation tree fails, show an error node in the navigation tree instead of failing completely.
  • Updated installation instructions to specify UTF-8 usage upon database creation. This is possible since MySQL 4.1 (which is now the required minimum) and avoids the need for users to change their global charset setting, which might be inconvenient when already using MySQL.
  • Document task manager: entering a document ID followed by a comment did not work (DSY-316).
  • Build improvement: add a dummy "runtime-dependencies" project to make sure dependencies only needed at runtime are available in the local maven repository.
  • Allow Daisy to be installed in a directory containing spaces.
  • Support non-interactive execution of daisy-wiki-add-site (as was already the case for the other installation tools).


Nothing special needs to be done to upgrade from Daisy 1.5-M2 to this release.

Just stop the repository and wiki servers, extract the new release, adjust DAISY_HOME or move the old Daisy install out of the way, and restart the servers.