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12.3 Submitting a patch

Always start from an SVN checkout to edit sources. This can be the trunk, where the main development is happening, or a maintenance branch.

See the information on getting the sources.

When you want to contribute changes as a patch, go to the root of the Daisy source tree, and enter:

svn diff > mypatch.txt

This will create a file called mypatch.txt containing all the changes you made to the source tree. You can make a diff of just some files by listing them after the diff command.

If you have created new files that are not yet in the subversion repository, you need to add them first using svn add, before doing svn diff:

svn add path-to-new-file

You can then add your patch as an issue in Jira. A good description/motivation about your patch will help to get it applied.

Thanks in advance for your contribution!

12.2 Subversion configuration12.4 Maintaining change logs